The City

This entire level is pretty much one big fight with Sophia. Try to keep under cover except for those brief moments when she has to recharge her deadly energy bolts.

You start in the office and the battle begins when you near the end of the hall. Run for the ramp then pull up and turn. Ignore the monkey swing and just do a running jump and grab to clear the gap. Pull up onto the pillar then pull up above the monkey swing.

If you look away from Sophia you should spot a metal box and if you look over the edge you should spot this level's only secret. Back off and hang from the wall then drop and grab onto the next ledge and pull up into the alcove to claim the items and register Secret #1. When you are ready to get back into battle, hang and drop off to the floor below.

Climb back to the ledge with the metal box and find the catwalk leading away from the secret area. Follow it to a button and press it. Do a roll and run back quickly to avoid incoming fire from above. You should now find an open door to the ledge above. Pull yourself up to the ledge and head along the catwalk to the ladder. Wait at the bottom of the ladder for the sound of Sophia recharging her energy before trying to climb the ladder. At the top, climb into the space to the right and get the Medkit if it's safe. Crawl out then get on top of the crawlspace.

Run along this upper catwalk and do a running jump to grab the far ledge. Climb up and move forward to the fuse box on the wall. Put a few bullets into the box to finish off Sophia once and for all. One of the four relics is visible across the way, but your immediate path is pulsing with electricity. Return across the upper catwalk to the crawlspace and make the small jump across the street. Watch out for electrified areas and pull up onto the tall wooden box then over to the next box. Climb over the box to the right of the relic to find the main power switch. Push it to kill the power then safely claim your artifact. That's it - I hope you enjoyed your stay in London.


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