Nevada Desert

Vultures above and snakes below will be your main threats in the desert. A snake to the right of your starting location guards a Rocket. Wade across the water and enter the passage to find a block you can push. Grab the ammo and head up the trail. A pair of running jumps should land you on the middle ledge where you can do a safety drop to the area below. Snakes guard Secret #1. Don't let them back you into the barbwire behind you before you kill them and get the items.

To exit this area you need to push that block you moved earlier then jump down to the platform below and do a running jump and grab to get off this ledge. Continue until you see a metal chute then head right and jump up to the ledge nearby. Kill the snake hiding in the bushes then run and jump to the next ledge. Run right off the end of this ledge to drop to the next one below and continue along until you can drop down and get a Medkit.

Climb back up and continue to the rocks where you can run, jump and grab to reach the rocks where you can deal with another snake as you make your way to the top of the chute. Drop into the chute and fall into the water. Swim until you can surface for air and climb out. Look around and find the trail leading away from the waterfalls.

Head down the path and defend yourself against the vulture attack. You will be taking this same path two more times so get used to the jumping and climbing you are doing this first trip. Continue until you reach the high ledge at the same level as the cool rock formation.

Do a running jump across the canyon and climb down to locate the next secret. Climb down the ladder and stay to the right. Drop from the ladder and grab right away to cling to the crack and shimmy right until you can climb onto the ledge and get Secret #2. Jump into the water below and get all the items that are stashed underwater as well as several alcoves near the waterfall.

Exit the water by climbing up the red rock near the falls. At the top, do a running jump to the slope across from you then head down that path again for your second of three trips along this trail. Take the upper route this time and kill another snake hiding in the bushes. Jump past the rock and avoid the hole on the ledge. Do a drop and a grab to the crack below and shimmy left until you can climb up to the ledge. Jump and cling to the rock face above and monkey swing to the face of the cliff, then climb up the cliff to the left.

Take the Save Gem then find the Flares and TNT on the ledge below. Looks like you need a Detonator Key, so move on for now. Head to the waterfall and jump over to the slop and grab on as you slide off. Climb down to the ledge below and continue along the cliff until you can jump over to the rocky surface and climb to the top. Do a daring backflip over to the flat rock then jump and grab the slope between the pair of waterfalls. As you pull up you will start to slide toward the ledge which you will need to jump and grab to reach. Grab the ammo before jumping to the crack and shimmy right. When you get the wide angle camera view, drop and jump to do another backflip across the water.

Keep jumping along the platforms as you make your way upstream. You should come across a large cave with a waterwheel. A boulder on the left shore is the hiding place of another snake. Crawl under the opposite rock and go up the ladder to get Secret #3. Climb to the left and drop down to the floor and kill the snake. Return to the shore and investigate further.

To the left of the waterwheel is a small room with an elevator. Here you will find the Detonator Key and a guy guarding it. Kill him then climb up the waterwheel and follow the channel to an open area. Watch out for more vultures at this point. Dive into the water and swim down to the right where you will find a switch that open a door leading to a room with some ammo. Flip the next switch to open the underwater passage and enter to find another switch hidden along the dark wall above. Pull it then swim back through the passage pulling another switch as you make your way back to the hall above.

Find the final switch and pull it to start the waterwheel. Head back that direction and get the items from dry river bed as you do. Use the upper ledge then jump down to the river bed. You should find a block down here that will let you get behind the falls. After you have gotten everything you want, return to the elevator by the waterwheel.

Kill the guard and take the Detonator he was protecting then make the long trip back to the ledge with the TNT. You have the necessary items to do a little blasting but watch out for that boulder that's just waiting to crush you. Jump to the left to avoid getting crushed after you blast the TNT. Explore the demolished area and climb up the new ledges to reach the next area.

Head around the fence to the left and climb into the dark passage. Continue until the path splits and pull up to the upper ledge. Jump into the water and swim around to find a pair of switches hidden in the tunnel and behind the pillar. Flip them both then return to the outside area by the fence. Head down the large cave and kill the snakes before flipping the next switch inside the building.

Make another trip down that dark passage and this time take the low path. Kill some guards, then jump across the fence to the box and put some distance between you and the hum of the electric fence as more guard move in for combat. Explore the nearby building to find some guards watching over a Quad Bike and a lock. A few bullets should get you the necessary permission to take the bike for a spin.

Use the box and the grating to climb onto the roof of the next building to get the Generator Access Pass. You could also ride and jump the ATV onto the roof. but it is quite dangerous and you will probably die a few times in the attempt. Return to the lock with the Access Pass and open the door. Do an immediate backflip and kill the power to the electric fence. Push the button next to the main gate and get on your ATV and ride out of this area. Head down the cave and jump the fence to exit the desert.


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