High Security Compound

You start this level relieved of all your possessions (except for Save Gems). You have more allies in this level as long as you don't mess with the prisoners. They will help you dispatch the numerous guards on this level, so just bait the guards and lead them back to the inmates who will properly thrash them.

Jump into the window to get the attention of the nearby guard. When he gets close, sprint past him and jump the railing outside. When he comes after you, run back upstairs toward your cell and flip the switch nearby to release your "neighbor" who will fight the guard for you. Now it's time to start a prison riot, so open all the remaining doors to release the rest of the inmates. Make a careful note of the cell door that was already open and head there after the prisoners are free.

This room has a box which is the beginning of a complicated sequence of events to get the first secret. Push this box to find a crawlspace. Crawl in and push the next box which let you push the previous box back down the passage so you can now see the crawlspace to your right. Pull the second box two times then crawl back through to get the Medkit which is also Secret #1.

Take the passage out of this cell and jump and grab onto the walkway above. Do a running leap over the barbwire and keep going. You will need to walk through some barbwire to reach the next switch then use the ledge nearby to reach the trapdoor. You should spot a ledge about halfway down to the left. Head down the dark passage and jump over the first trapdoor then enter a small room and drop through the trapdoor to enter the Control Center. Press the button here and watch a small inmate vs. guard battle which will get you a Security Pass when it's all over.

Find the dining room and take the door to the left to find some large boxes. Find and push the moveable box under the hole in the ceiling then climb up and jump over the pipe to find and flip the switch. You can now swim into the room with the boxes and swim into another hole in the ceiling to arrive at the kitchen. Make your way to the room with the red floor and continue down the walkway avoiding the barbwire pits until you reach a pair of doors.

The yellow room has a switch to turn off the fire in the kitchen. Return and drop into the kitchen and open the door at the other end. Go around the corner and open the door on the right then sprint back to the kitchen and head right then left into he hall. Run all the way back to where the prisoners are so they can take care of the guard chasing you. When all is safe; return to the door where the guard came from and explore that room.

You should find a switch that opens the vent above the grill. Jump to the crack so you can shimmy left and jump from the slope to the ledge across the pit. Pull up into the crawlspace. Follow the corridor until you spot an inmate in the hall. Continue on to the green passage and let the guard go by. When he moves to the left you can sprint to the right and get out of sight before he turns. Head right and dodge the next guard as you cross the open area and make your way to the lower prison area.

Open the cell to free another prisoner and he will take off down the hall. Follow him as he proceeds to beat on a guard allowing you to get a Security Pass which opens the nearby door. Continue down the large passage and when the guard spots you, lead him on a chase down the left hall. Open the cell in the passage and get the key after the beating is over. This key is a perfect match for the lock back in the open area.

When you come across the guard below you need to duck and enter the crawlspace and head toward the switch. Wait for the guard to go left then flip the switch and jump over the red laser to get into the hall before the guard shoots you. Continue down this hall to the next room. From the walkway, do a safety drop from the lowest support beam to the ground. Go climb the ladder to enter the corridor with the guard on duty. He is guarding the level's final secret so you will have to return when you have some weapons.

Sneak past the guard and return to the red passage and use the Security Pass in the lock and climb up the ladder. Push the button to open the small door. There is also a switch nearby that will close this door. Under NO circumstance should you press this switch, otherwise you will never get that final secret. Instead, just dive in the water and get the Save Gem.

Swim through the long passage until you can climb out and jump the lasers to reach the ledge. You should now be in the cargo area where you can climb some boxes to the left to find your Pistols and Desert Eagle in a small room. Watch out for a very deadly gun turret as you leave this room. Hang a right and sprint to safety until the gun shuts down. Then you can climb up the boxes and make your way to the final secret.

Head through that door you hopefully left open and make your way to the main floor by the big dish. Then go to the hall with the guard you sneaked by earlier and finish him off. Take his Security Pass and open the door at the end of the hall. The short passage beyond is home to Secret #2; a Grenade Launcher!

Return to the cargo room and this time go up the slope and take out the guards with your favorite weapon. When the passage is clear, climb the ladder to find a button to the right. Pushing the left button will bring in more guards which probably isn't a good thing since you are trying to save ammo. Climb onto the box so you can reach the upper ledge in the cargo area then monkey swing across to the next ledge. Kill the next guard and take his Security Pass to open the locked gate. Kill the small army of guards and finally climb into the truck to leave this level and head for Area 51.


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