Area 51

The key to this level is to kill your enemy fast. They will usually not attack you, but rather make a dash for the nearest alarm switch to call in for reinforcements. Use your Desert Eagle and you should be able to kill these guys quickly and accurately from a distance.

When you arrive, get out of the truck and get the items from the nearby crates. Chase down the guard and kill him before he hits the alarm switch. Get the MP5 and use the button (not the alarm switch) to open the grate which lets you crawl in to get a Medkit.

The next area has laser traps (get used to them as they are everywhere). Enter the crawlspace and crawl to the left to get another Medkit. Go back to the tunnel as the lasers move away. Wait until they move above you then run to the ledge and grab and pull up get out of the path of the returning lasers. When the guard moves off to the right, crawl out of the passage and quickly kill the guard before he hits the alarm.

You will soon arrive at a laser-trigger turret which can easily be avoided by simply crawling through the hole in the wall. Continue along the passage and kill another guard and continue until you find the switch above the trapdoor. Flip the switch and fall below, turning left and heading to the right of the pillar when you land. A guard is already running for an alarm to your left. Kill him fast or lose access to the first secret.

Gather up the Grenades then drop to the mesh floor and flip the switch to open the trapdoor which drops you down once again. Kill the next guard and go through the open gate leading to the crawlspace which is also considered Secret #1. Collect the ammo and drop through the trapdoor to the hall below. Another guard needs your swift attention before you move off to explore around the corner.

Flip the switch to open a cell releasing a prisoner. He will move off to fight a guard while you can duck inside to get the Medkit. Back in the long passage you will need to use the crawlspace to avoid the numerous laser traps and get another Medkit and Shotgun in the process. Kill the guard next to the buttons which monitor the upcoming trap.

As you approach the door, guards will move in from both sides. When they are dead you can find a switch in one of their hiding places that opens the crawlspace in the other. Continue up the corridor and trip the green laser to activate the alarm and kill the guard who arrives on the scene. When you have to choose your next path, head to the right and use the wall for protection from the sniper over by the missile. Once he is dead, get the Code Clearance Disk and head back down the hall and take the left passage.

Jump over the lasers to reach the console and use the disk to get that missile out of the way. Now you can get the ammo from the ledge and prepare to get the next secret.

Do a running jump to the ladder between the missiles and climb up. Backflip from the top and kill the sniper lurking in the corner. Jump over to his location through the gap in the beams and get the Hangar Access Key. At the other end of his ledge is a platform you can drop onto. A weird grating on the wall can be blasted and you can crawl into the tunnel to claim Secret #2; a much needed Save Gem. Return to the missile bay and find the passage on the ground floor.

Avoid the hole in the floor that leads to the launch control area. Use the Hangar Key when you find the lock and enter. Kill the guard on the train platform before dropping down near the deadly electric rail. Climb up the mesh and push the button to call the train. Jump from the ledge to the train then jump to the hall above to monkey swing over the gratings that open up as you pass by. Keep an eye on the lasers and wait for them to move away before dropping down just as they reverse and come back at you.

Another guard is running off for help. Kill him before he gets it then continue up the hall into the next area. Go around the UFO and watch out for those green electic eyes that will activate those deadly gun turrets. When you reach the boxes, climb up to the opposite passage and kill the guard up ahead. He is headed for an alarm down the hall to the left and you better not let him reach it.

The room with the pair of buttons is tricky and dangerous. A guard will arrive when you press the buttons the first time. When they are dead you can finish the puzzle in comfort. Push the left button then quickly press the button on the right by jumping right and rolling then use the white top of the console to get to the other walkway and drop to the floor and run out the door.

Kill the next guard and study all those switches. Flip the two switches on the right then the second switch from the left to access the UFO. Return to the UFO and push the button before climbing the ladder. Backflip from the ladder to the rafters then do a running jump across the rafters until you reach the catwalk above the UFO. Get the Launch Code and return to that hole in the floor I mentioned earlier that leads to Launch Control.

Use the code to access the button and as soon as you push it, jump to the left and roll and keep running. Use the sprint for extra speed to escape the fireball. Return back to the area where the missile used to be and kill the guard who arrived to check out all the noise. Open the passage and enter as the door seals behind you - gulp! Continue past the laser trap and kill the sniper and anybody else who gets in your way. Get the key to the UFO and finally flip the switch below to open the trapdoor.

Return to the area with the UFO and gather up the items lying about before climbing back into the rafters. Head past the walkway leading to the UFO and do a running jump and grab to the open door leading to the aquarium. Inside is Secret #3; another Save Gem.

Finally the moment you've been waiting for; use the UFO Key to get inside the ship where more guards are waiting to give you a hard time. There's no going back as the door seals shut behind you. When everyone is dead (except for you hopefully), get the relic from the upper area and you can leave Nevada.


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