A brisk swim starts off the final part of your adventure. Don't stay in the water for long periods of time or hypothermia will set in. A new meter will show you how long you can stay in the icy water. Ammo is nearby if you want to take a dive to get it. Exit onto the shore and follow the coast past the locked hut. The level's final secret is in that hut, but you will need to get a key first.

Jump over the water near the ship then take a quick swim and pull up to the icy ledge. Another swim puts you back on land near the front of the ship where you can climb the cliff to find the monkey swing above. Cross over then drop to the ledge and look for a hole in the ship's deck to get inside. Once inside you will have to battle some angry sailors as you make your way to the mechanical room.

A switch on the wall to the left of the machine will open a trapdoor. Drop through and continue down the corridors killing the attacking sailors. When you reach the next junction you should spot a hole in the ceiling to the left which leads out of the ship. Remember it, but continue toward the orange pipe and kill another sailor before dropping through the trapdoor. Continue fighting off all these sailors as you head to the window where you should be able to spot a Zodiac (small motorboat) outside. Push the button to drop it into the water.

Now return to the hole in the ceiling and climb up and head to the rear of the ship. Head right when you reach the deck and follow the cliff. You should spot an opening in the cliff you can jump into to get Secret #1. Then make your way to the rear of the ship and jump into the Zodiac. This boat is even nicer than your speedboat from Venice. Maneuver the craft around the ship, past the cliff and down the channel past the hut then get out when you reach the ledge inside the tunnel.

Light a flare and then slide, jump and grab onto the ledge to check out the crawlspace. Head to the right to get Secret #2; a Medkit then follow the crawlspace back and drop into the water. While you are wet you may as well get the ammo beneath you before climbing back into the boat.

Pilot the Zodiac deeper into the tunnel until it opens up and you arrive at a gate. Exit to the short and take care of the resistance you encounter. Monkey swing across the bars and head right at the junction before dropping down when the path ends. Continue down the passage killing the guards and guard dogs until you reach a building with an opening in the side. Press the button on the wall before moving off to the left and circle around the building.

Around the corner is a hole that you need to drop down into. Swim to the left and get out quickly near the fuel valves. Wade through the water (you won't take damage) over to the ladder and climb up to the generator room. The room is locked up so head outside and follow the path around to the left. Continue past the kennels and follow the path where you will meet a small army of goons and some annoying pit traps. Grab the ammo under the bridge by climbing down and exchanging a bit of gunfire. Then head back to the hole you originally dropped down to reach the fuel valves.

Enter the nearby cave and kill more guards as you make your way to the doors which will slam shut and try to kill you. Do a quick roll to get through the doors and continue killing the bad buys as you head upstairs to get the Crowbar. Return to the area with the hole leading to the valves and backtrack down the dark passage. Climb up into the raised building and flip the switch then pry open the door with the crowbar. Drop down and check out the map which shows which valves need to be adjusted to continue.

Return to the Generator Room and flip the switch to start the machines, then return to the kennels and take care of the dogs before entering the building. Press all three buttons and get the Gate Key from the desk then return all the way back to the monkey swing where you parked the Zodiac. Go to the building you opened with the crowbar and use the Gate Key and press the button. More guards will arrive as you leave the building, so be ready for them.

Get back in the boat and continue down the passage. You should spot a landing to the left. Park the boat and look for a hidden alcove below and to the right that contains the Hut Key. Hop back in the Zodiac and retrace your route all the way back to the beginning of the level where the hut is. Use the key to get Secret #3; Flares and a Save Gem.

Now head all the way back through the waterway, through the gate, and exit to shore when you spot the cabin. Fight the guards as you make your way to the top. When you reach the cabin door you will exit this level.


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