RX-Tech Mines

Proceed down the hall and go right running through each of the gates until you hear a second clicking noise. Turn around to find an open passage and head out to meet your first flamethrower guy. They aren't openly hostile unless you attack first, so don't fire on them unless they fire on you FIRST.

Head to the first room where three mine carts and turn on the lights in the control room. Kill the mutant and watch out for their poison even after their death. Climb to the top of the control room and drop off the back to shimmy over to the ladder. Climb down the ladder so your feet are on the bottom rung and backflip with a twist to grab on behind you. Enter the small room to get Secret #1.

Head back to the previous room and get in the middle mine cart and take your first spin around the tracks. Try to keep your speed up for the approaching jump by leaning into the turns and keeping off the brake. Hit the track switch as you go by and exit the cart when it finally stops.
Crawl under the drills and search the crack over in the left wall then head out and around to the left. Kill a new species of mutant then drop down to the walkway before doing another safety drop to the next lower ledge. Shimmy along each of the cracks as far as you can go before dropping to the next one and reversing direction. When you reach the left side of the lowest crack you can pull up into a passage and move forward. More enemies await in the passage to be careful as you make your way to the large open area.

A new Crowbar rests on the metal ledge and more mutants are lurking about this area. Find the crawlspace in the wall near the mutants and investigate. Go to the rocks on the right, then jump over to the cliff and shimmy over to the crawlspace and flip the switch inside. This opens up the door to the next secret that you can get in a few minutes.

Now proceed up the snowy slopes, finding all the flat areas so you can make your way out of this area. Enter the passage and duck to avoid the obstacles and machines, then head up the slope and kill the mutant waiting for you at the top. Return to the mine cart and flip the track switch so you can return to the main room with the other carts.Use the crowbar to open the stuck door and get the Lead Acid Battery.
Make a quick side-trip back to the area where you got the first secret. A new door is now open in that same area and leads to Secret #2. Return to the main room and get ready for your next ride.

Get on the lower mine cart and head left building up lots of speed for the big jump coming up. Make sure duck under the various obstacles that threaten to decapitate our heroine. When the cart comes to a halt, you can hop out and head down the passage to the lower hall. Kill all the attacking mutants before continuing and make sure to search the crawlspace under the walkway with the steam. Crawl through and kill the mutant and search the pool by the crane. The Winch Starter is on the bottom and you need to swim fast to survive the freezing water.

Return to the central mine cart room and take the final ride on the top mine cart. When the ride is over you should be at a crane that is holding a mini-sub. Stick the battery in the appropriate slot and use the Winch Starter on the controls to lower the sub into the water. Dive in and get into the sub. You need to reach the surface of the next safe area and continue down between the lights and around to the right. Use Medkits when needed as your health will certainly be affected before you reach dry land.

Do not attack the flamethrower guy. Ignore him and drop to the ledge below the bridge and watch for mutants who are sneaking up behind you. In the chasm, keep jumping back between the ledges until you reach the corner of the lower ledge which also triggers Secret #3. Retrace your steps back to the bridge and jump up and grab and pull up to enter the small building and end this level.


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