Lost City of Tinnos

Explore the Lost City when you first arrive then head to the upper level via the nearby ladder. Flip the switch to open the door below then jump to the central column to get the Save Gem. Drop down and enter the door and get the Uli key from the niche off the short hall. Use this key near the black grate in the courtyard to open the next area.

The ledge near the first switch you flipped has a second switch. Flip it then climb up and back into the building and cross over to the sloped hall and head down to find and flip another switch. You should now have access to a row of five switches (Midas Flashback!) so hit the proper combo (1-2-5) to access the next area near the broken bridge. Another Save Gem awaits as well as giant wasps.

Climb the ledges by the Save Gem then jump over to the bridge and find the invisible ledges that lead to the wasps' nest. Do a running jump to get inside the nest and claim Secret #1 while trying not to fall in the hole. Return to the bridge and jump over the break and follow the passage out and to the right. Don't forget to grab that medkit on the left as you leave.

Enter the green passage and kill everything that moves before arriving at the next tricky sequence. Swinging pots of fiery coals sway back and forth. Run past them making sure not to get burned. Enter the next area and head over to the ledge on the left to kill more wasps then continue in that direction. Further down the hall is another switch which summons three new monsters. When they are dead, proceed down to the next switch which opens a crawlspace outside. Use the pillar to access this new area while dodging a few traps along the way.
This next area has a multitude of switches that raise and lower various platforms, plus one of the switches is timed and leads to the next secret. Drop to the walkway and find the switch on the left wall. This is the switch to access the secret AFTER you get the door open.

Flip the switch on the ground floor then climb to the ledge that raises up. Flip that switch and move on to the next ledge until you can spot the platform under the walkway near the entrance. Make your way to this platform then jump up and monkey swing using the bottom of the walkway. Head over and flip the switch here to open the exit. Now return to the walkway and flip the secret switch.

Immediately after flipping this switch, run back down the hall and drop off the walkway to the ledge on the left. Do a safety drop to the floor then move down the hall to flip the next switch (which starts a timed door leading to the next secret). Run towards the column of light and head up the stairs to the right of the bright light and follow the passage down and to the left. Return past those swinging coals and head across the bridge. Jump off to the right and slide down the cliff to the bottom and get inside the door before it shuts. Inside is Secret #2; a Save Gem. Flip the switch a couple times to get back out, then return to the room with the column of light.

The light marks the center to the next four rooms. Each room contains a puzzle dealing with one of the four elements and when solved, will reward you with a mask. Get all four masks and use them on the statues below to open the way to the boss. The Earth room is the easiest of the four and contains this level's final secret so we'll do that one first.

Keep to the right as you enter the Earth room which is full of quicksand. Get out onto solid ground after you pass the markings on the right wall. Take the first Oceanic Mask and watch as the ceiling starts to crumble. Getting back is a bit more difficult as the floor isn't as easy to navigate. Hop along the ledges on the wall and flip the switch to access the final secret (after you leave) then make one more leap around the corner to the sloped ledge and exit this room.

Return to the hall with the swinging coals and you should now see a block you can run and climb onto to get the FINAL SECRET in Tomb Raider 3; Secret #3. Now return to the column of light and finish the remaining three rooms.

Let's do the Water room next. Start swimming and try to swim past the blades in the direction they are moving to minimize the damage. Swim down through the first of the blades to reach the clock and head to the left alcove to catch your breath and flip a switch. Head back to the clock and go through the hole to the right and up into a new area. Get more air and flip the next switch to open another door revealing the Oceanic Mask for this area. Get the mask and flip the next switch before returning to the clock. Fill up your lungs once more in the left alcove before going through the hole at the bottom of the clock. The current will pull you along into a shallow tunnel of water and eventually the exit.

The Wind room is just an annoying maze. Take the first right then go left, then right and take the next left to the intersection. Head down the angled passage to the right but take the first left until you reach the crystal on the right. Take a left at the crystal and follow the hall to the next junction and turn right into the wider hall. Head up the ramp to the left and start jumping back and forth between the ledges to trigger the log trap. Make your way to the other end to claim the Oceanic Mask for this area.

The Fire room will bring back nightmares from the Midas level of the original Tomb Raider game, but never fear - this puzzle is much easier. Check out the map above your head which shows you the layout of this place then get ready to hop some blocks. There are also some invisible ledges which are made partially visible with the flaming dragon heads. Your goal is the ledge with the switch which will allow you to obtain the final Oceanic Mask (assuming you did the rooms in their written order). If things get too hot, remember you can hang from the ledges to regain your composure, but getting up and onto the next ledge in time is very difficult.

Return to the lower room and place the four masks on the statues then claim the final Uli Key from the pool room and use it to open the nearby hall which leads to the Meteorite Cavern.


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