Meteorite Cavern

Fighting the final boss isn't too bad when you know his secret. His most powerful weapon is his Death Ray which will "Kill You - No Questions Asked - Immediately!". He also never misses, so the trick is to never let him fire it, and he won't as long as you keep the meteor between you and him. So keep your distance and circle to stay on the opposite side as the spidery boss and keep firing.

To kill this monster you will have to collect the four meteor fragments from around this room. You will have to stun the Spider-monster long enough to take each piece. Do this by firing on him until he freezes then get a piece and repeat. Always go for the nearest piece and one that is in a direction AWAY from the boss, AND opposite the meteor. This means you may have to do some preliminary maneuvering to get him in the proper location before you stun him.

The boss moves in a counter-clockwise direction around this room (usually), so after you retrieve a fragment, make sure to head right when exiting the alcoves. When you have all four pieces the meteor will drop into the pool and you can now actually do DAMAGE to the boss. Finish him off!

Now that things are a bit more quiet, climb the ladder to the top. Go past the carved face then drop down and backflip to the hand of the statue. Jump over to the middle ledge and follow the passage to the left. You arrive high above the cavern and can monkey swing over to the next ledge. From there, jump to the rocky ledge and climb up and outside. Slide down the snowy slope and turn right.

Kill any resistance that is still hanging around before pushing the button on the wall. Head through the gate to spot an approaching helicopter. Approach the helicopter to end the level and Lara's main adventure in Tomb Raider 3.


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