Tomb of Qualopec

Follow the tunnel and enter the Tomb of Qualopec. Go up the slope and a huge boulder comes rumbling towards you. Do the REVERSE move and get outta there making sure to get out of the path as the boulder rolls across the tomb and into the entrance.

On the wall with the door that the boulder rolled
in to there is a switch. Pull the switch to open the door to the left. This frees 2 raptors who you can dispatch with your pistol. Go into the room they came out of and go through the door on your right and into the next room. There is one block in here that is nonmovable. Ignore it. Push the one in the wall forward twice. Turn left and push another block to continue (watch out for the bear pit!). Run across some collapsible tiles to a switch that opens the first of 3 gates. Jump the pit you just ran across - if you miss grab onto the edge and pull yourself up. Now go back to the room where you met the raptors. Go to the right hallway with the circle symbol over it and follow the passage to a small alcove with a switch. Approach the switch and fall through the floor. Kill the rabid dogs then go up one of the ramps and pull the block into the room then push it aside to find a passage. Enter and go up stome steps and drop into a pit and get the medkit.

Climb up the opposite side of the pit then go up the stairs and pull the switch to open Gate #2. Grab the medkit in the corner then drop into the pit. Go back to the raptor room and enter the hallway with the bird symbol above it. Follow the hallway and you end up in a room with a switch. Now follow the little map below.

Drop down into the room with the ramp. Go into the entrance to your left and follow the stairs up and around to BLOCK A. While on BLOCK A turn to your right. Jump to A1 and pull yourself up. Keep going up and follow the hallway until you have to drop down. Now turn around and drop down and get on BLOCK B. Turn to your right and jump into the hallway with SWITCH A. Pull SWITCH A. Pulling SWITCH A will make BLOCK A move. Now go back and drop down into the room with the ramp and climb up there. Go into that room and pull SWITCH B. Pulling SWITCH B will make BLOCK B move. Go into the hallway on the right side of SWITCH B. Climb and drop until you are in a position to jump to the now moved BLOCK B. From BLOCK B jump across to BLOCK A. From BLOCK A jump across to the alcove above the spikes. Pull the switch in this room to open the final gate. Exit this passage and jump to avoid the spike below. Go up the small ramp and climb up to the door. Move down the right passage and waste the raptor before he gets you. Go back yet again to the raptor room and back into the first room of this level. Enter the new passage and then run past the dart guns. Doing the swandive with the roll is a good way to not get hit here. When you reach the stairs turn to your left.

SECRET #1 waits for you if you climb up just to the right of the dart gun. Squeeze next to the idol then run across a whole room of those broken floor tiles. Head for the left corner and get the shotgun shells then go for SECRET #2. Drop off the ledge and shimmy to the outside wall and drop on the spiked floor. WALK - DO NOT RUN - through the spikes and pick up the magnum clips under the ledge you were just on. Walk through all the spikes to the door above and climb up and out.

Drop down to some steps and go up to the chamber with the first piece of the Scion. Don't take the piece until you have killed the guard on the left side of the king's throne. In true Indiana Jones fashion taking this piece starts a tremor. Run back quickly to the main entrance room and past the boulder that smashed into this room earlier. Take a swim.

You'll find yourself underfire. Larson - your contact at the cafe is trying to kill you. Before you finish him off, swim to the bottom and find a small tunnel. Follow the tunnel to
SECRET #3 and get the medkit and magnum clips. Heal yourself then go kick Larson's butt. Enjoy the cool movie clip and rest up for the Labyrinth.



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