Palace Midas

You're already swimming when you start this level so climb out of the pool and head for the tunnel between the pillars. Kill the 2 gorillas then run ahead and through the left door. Three more gorillas await your gunfire in this room. Pick up the medkit and enter the door. Use the switch to open a an unseen gate then run back down the tunnel and shoot 2 more gorilla near the left door. Return back to the pool where you started and shoot the crocodile to your left.

Go down the corridor and turn right and keep off the stairs. Continue until you reach an intersection then go right to a small gap between the wall and the cliff. Kill the gorilla around the corner then get the magnum clips from inside this small space.

Turn right and move forward until 2 lions attack. Kill them and continue until you reach a wall then turn right and shoot 3 bats and get the medkit which is almost invisible in the darkness. Return to the inter- section and turn right and head back to the stairs you avoided earlier.

Go up and turn left and enter the next room where you can shoot 3 more gorillas. Go to the end of the room and climb the orange column. Turn and jump to the next column then turn left and jump to the ledge. Turn right and jump to the next ledge - grab and pull yourself up. Get the medkit and the magnum clips then jump back to the first ledge then back to the pillar.

Use running jumps to cross the series of pillars. At the last one turn right and jump to the ledge with 5 switches. Activate the left switch then turn and drop into a pit and use the switch there to open the gate. Enter and turn left then left again entering a brightly lit door and a dead gorilla. Enter the torch room. Step on the lowered section of the floor and watch the torches go out. Quickly make a series of jumps across the torches. If you take to long they light themselves (AND YOU)! Jump into the water below to put yourself out if you do catch on fire. Kill the water rats before coming up to try again. Grab the last pillar and pull yourself up as the flame ignites. You can beat the fire if you are fast enough. Get the lead bar.

Swim to the stairs and climb up and shoot the gorilla. Go through the gate and around to the wall of switches. Climb up and use the 2nd switch from the right, the middle switch and return the left switch back to the UP position. Drop down and enter the gate turning left and through a new door between some pillars. Go through this room and into a tunnel then go down some stairs on the right. Pull the block out of the wall to shake things up a bit then head back up the stairs and continue up the next set of stairs. The door at the top opens into a room with large pillars. Jump over to the right to a dark patch then jump again to the center column then jump again to the left of the sandy ledge. Jump left again and enter the door.

Continue to the next room and kill everything that moves. Jump across and into the pool and head down the trench shooting the 2 crocs that will eventualy show themselves. When you reach the end of the water climb out and climb on the rocks to your right. Advance until Lara cannot go any further then jump forward twice. You will slide back down if you don't jump twice in a row.
SECRET #1 - medkit and magnum clips wait for you to the left.

Jump in the water and swim to the left and climb out. Climb onto the rail and go to the corner with the small medkit below. Do the safety drop below to get
SECRET #2 - shotgun shells, uzi clips and medkit. Jump out of the pit and kill the gorilla then move ahead and begin searching the small niches in the wall until you find the medkit. Head back to the main alcove that leads to the ledge and jump over to it. Run along the ledge and kill 2 more gorillas then move to the next to the last alcove. Face the wall and jump to the crevice grabbing on then shimmy to the left and drop onto the ledge. Kill the bat then turn and jump over to the door. Proceed up the long tunnel until you reach the hex shaped passage. Run down this collapsible tunnel and get the medkit then turn and climb out of the tunnel. Skid down the long slope and climb back down until you reach the room where you started. You'll be on a ledge and a cougar will be coming at you. Kill him before he even gets close then run along the ledge and into the door on the other side.

Follow the tunnel then jump into the left window and out onto a ledge where you can turn right and make a running jump across. Turn right and go up to the pool and take a swim into the next room avoiding the big crocodile swimming in here with you.

Exit the water and climb onto the rock avoiding the almost invisible gap and shoot the bat. Jump over the gap - if you fall in you get to repeat about 10 minutes as you make your way around to this point again - and pick up the lead bar. Jump to the ledge below and shoot the lions. Go down the stairs and into the tunnel then turn left and go to the entrance room. Go left and make your way back to the room with 5 switches. Use the right switch and return the second to the right switch to its UP position. Drop down and left and find the new door and the floor full of spikes.

WALK through the spikes and around the ramp where you can pull another block a couple times to reveal a tunnel and another switch to use. Head back up the ramp and the stair. At the top go to the corner and do a standing jump over the spikes to the column. Make a series of jumps to cross this room starting with the column on your right. When you reach the last column jump into the door then jump right back to the column.

You can now safely shoot the gorilla who just woke up in the room beyond that door. When he's dead enter the room and get the lead bar. Jump back to the pillar then down to the door below taking a small amount of damage. Return the the 5 switches and move the middle switch UP and the far left switch DOWN then return to the start room with the pool. Head down the stairs and into the garden.

Kill the 2 gorillas and get the medkit off the roof near the back. You can get to the roof by climbing the wall on the right. On the roof turn and head down the passage to the MIDAS Chamber. Stand next to the stone hand and use the lead bars to turn them to GOLD!. Return to the garden and go to the right corner next to the gate. Walk sideways behind the tree to find the concealed lever to open the gate and the final
SECRET #3. Enter the gate and up to the first pair of blades. Wait for the blades to shut then jump through them as they open. Get the shotgun shells, magnum clips and medkit then repeat the process to get past the blades.

Make your way back to the orange pillar room then turn left and enter a new door. Continue forward and kill the lion then head up the stairs and out onto the ledge. Get the shotgun shells. Go down the stairs and through the right door. Use your new gold bars in each of the 3 slots then enter the open door and slide down the ramp and finish the level.



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