Upon starting this level immediately roll and drop to the floor drawing your guns and wasting the rat. Push the block forward 2 times then push it to the right to access the switch. Shoot the rats that come through the wall that just opened. Go through the white door and get the medkit then return to the previous room and go down the hole and run outside to the bridge.

Go forward until you are past the rails then jump to the pillar at your right. Shoot the rats as you descend the stairs then from the final step turn to your right and jump and grab the crevice. Shimmy left to the ledge then drop down. Take the shells then jump back to the next crevice and continue left until you can climb up. Turn right and climb some more then run along the ledge and get the Rusty Key.

Return to the other end and climb down, then hang and drop to the bricks below. Go down the path. Jump to the ledge on your right and go up the stairs. Your favorite sniper is lurking about so shoot him until he runs away then climb the right wall where he was shooting you from. Jump to the next ledge on your right then jump up and grab the ledge above you. Get the medkit then go to the top of the slope on your right. Turn left and jump and grab the ledge and climb up into
SECRET #1 - shotgun shells.

No jump back to the slope and jump back again to land on another ledge with 2 shotgun shells. Do a safety drop to the room below. Back at the wall you climbed for Secret #1 you can now run the opposite direction and jump to a ledge then jump again to the next ledge where you can fine a medkit and some more shells. Do a safety drop to the ledge below the medkit and slide down the ramp ending up in front of a hold in the floor which you can enter and go swimming.

Avoid the rats and swim into the tunnel. Climb out and kill the pesky rat that bites you as you exit. Go up the steps and jump to the ledge then jump again to the ledge on your left and pull yourself up to get the 2nd Rusty Key. Go forward and hang from the ledge so you can shimmy to the left and drop to the ledge with 2 rats - kill them! Continue forward and slide down the ramp. Continue forward sliding down another ramp to some statues. Kill the 2 rats and the 2 crocodiles. You may have to tease the crocs into swimming into your target range by taking a dip.

Climb the stairs on either side of the ramp then face the water - turn right and jump over to the bridge. Go around the bridge to the other side then climb the wall, turn right and climb to the top ledge. Go up some steps and jump to the ledge with the railing then turn right and jump to the next ledge then turn left and jump to the door where you get to use one of those Rusty Keys.

Enter the room and climb to the ledge on your left. Turn and shoot the 2 gorillas then jump to the next ledge and shoot that sniper from above until he runs off. Jump to the next ledge and get the medkit then do another jump to the high ledge. Jump backward into the alcove and get the magnum clips then do a running jump back to the highest ledge then turn around and jump and grap the crevice above the alcove. Shimmy to the right and drop to the ledge then drop through the hole on your right and run forward to go down the ramp. Shoot the croc in the room then get on the pedestal. Shoot the second croc who can't reach you now then enter one of the passages to alert the 3rd croc of your presence. Kill the rat and get the medkit then return to the big room with the dead crocs.

Climb the wall above the pedestal then turn and jump to the ledge then do a running jump to the next ledge and one more jump to the ledge on the right. Go forward and drop the the ledge below then grab the the crevice and shimmy over to the white door. Use the switch and enter the door. Jump over some spikes and into the pit where you can shoot 2 more rats then drop into a green hole. Shoot another rat then drop to the ground. Go through the door and shoot the rat to your right then climb the stairs by the Gold Door.

Facing the wall, jump to the ledge then turn right and climb to the next ledge. Run to the end and turn right and do a running jump. Climb up to the ledge and turn right and do another running jump then jump over to the switch and open the Gold Door below. Make your way to the floor and enter the door to get the Silver Key. Jump in the water as your favorite sniper arrives and begins to shoot you.

Swim past the first opening and continue until you surface in the room with the bridge. Jump onto the bridge like before then walk to the pillar and climb up. Jump to the ledge with the rails then go up some stairs into the pipe room. Avoid the holes in the floor to get to the switch and use it to flood the entire level. Go back to the room with the bridge and jump in the water. Swim forward and to your right until you find a small tunnel. Swim into it and follow until you see light from above. Surface and find the switch to open a door below you.

Exit the water and kill some more rats Get the medkits and shells in this room. Dive in and swim to the new door and get the Silver Key. Go through the gate that just opened and swim into the next room and exit the water. Go to the right door and use the other Rusty Key and enter the room. Take a swim going down to a small room with a medkit and a Gold Key. Swim back to the main chamber with the bridge and exit quickly. From the edge, shoot the crocodile that just arrived. Get back in the water and face the 2 doors. Dive down and to your right to find another small tunnel leading to
SECRET #2 - magnum clips. Back at the surface look for a white door and a picture of two Rams and climb out there. Go up the stairs. The Ram pictures are actually blocks so push the left block in to find SECRET #3. Enter the hidden room and get beneath the ledge. Jump back to the ramp then forward to the ledge. Get the medkit and the magnum clips and exit.

Use the silver keys to unlock the next two doors and enter the room. Turn right and climb the ledge then jump across. Face the high ledge and jump to it then jump to the lock in the wall on your right. Kill the gorilla around the corner and use the gold key to open the door below. Do a safety drop to the door and kill the 2 lions with the shotgun.

Enter and cross the large room (looking out for the booby trapped floor panels) ignoring the switch which releases 3 more lions into the room. Pull the block behind the switch 2 times then pull it out from the wall 4 times. Move to the opposite side and push it once then climb up and jump to the ledge above. Take the medkit and the magnum clips. Drop to the floor and go behind the switch and drop into the well. Lara will scream all the way to the EXIT!



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