*Using some "unorthodox" methods, described at the bottom of this page, it's possible to pick up 3 more items (including the Uzis) and get 3 additional kills.

Slide into the level. Approach the edge and the trapdoor opens. Take a running jump across the gap and climb up into the right opening to find a large med-pack. Return to the trapdoor and jump down into the water. Swim straight ahead to the sand bar, climb out and shoot the crocodile in the water. Do things look a bit familiar? That's right, its TR1 and Khamoon all over again!

Jump into the water on the other side of the sand bar and head to the right to lure a couple more crocs out of hiding. Climb out on the ledge to shoot them. Pick up a small med-pack and magnum clips. Then go underwater into the cave the crocs came from to retrieve some shotgun shells.

Cross the pond, climb over the sand bar then swim to the corner of the sphinx and climb out. Go behind the head and pick up some shotgun shells. Underwater, near the base of the obelisk, you'll also find 2 sets of magnum clips. Climb out of the water on the ledge nearby. From here you can now shoot a panther through the fence. (Note the shotgun and shells on the ground. You'll be getting them soon.)

Jump from the ledge to the carved pedestal with the magnum clips on top. This opens an underwater door below the font of the sphinx. This is SECRET #1. Swim into the passageway until you meet the crocodile, reverse and get back to the ledge so you can kill it. Then return to the secret passage. Back here is a large, flooded room with a small med-pack and 2 boxes of shotgun shells.
Return to the main pool and swim through the tunnel below the metal fence. Another crocodile awaits here. Swim across to the far side of the area or retreat back into the first room to climb out and kill it. Or, climb out into the small doorway to the right. A panther lurks here (two if you didn't kill the other one through the fence), so take care of it before bothering with the croc. Once you've killed the panther(s), claim the SHOTGUN, 2 boxes of shells and a small med-pack. Underwater behind the boulder is another box of shells.

Climb out on the sand to the left of the cat statue. Jump onto the gold wall, then jump diagonally to the wall in front of the cat. From here you can kill 3 panthers on ledges high above, if you like. Go into the water below the cat statue and pull the lever to open the gold door near the Pharaoh statue. Pull up on the slanted ledge behind the statue and quickly back flip to land on the pedestal. Now, head for the gold door.

Enter and proceed, but watch your back--a panther attacks from behind. Continue to the opening over the area with pillars and spikes. Jump to the pillar on the right. Cross the blue floor to the next pillar. Jump to the base of the pillar on the left. Safety drop down on the other side to land on a flat area. WALK through the spikes into the doorway.

Go the right, pull up and walk to the edge above more spikes. Do a standing jump to grab the ledge opposite; pull up. Do the same again to get over another pit of spikes. Jump diagonally to the ledge on the left. Drop down, jump over more spikes. A door opens above, for SECRET #2--a large med-pack, magnum clips and 2 boxes of shotgun shells. The exit door opens when you approach it and you emerge back at the spike room. Repeat the jump and drop to get back to the cave entrance below.

This time, go left, around the corner and to the right between the rocks. The cat statue on the ledge above transforms into a live panther as you approach. You can shoot from below or pull up on the rock ledge on the right where it dips down in a "V." Jump across to the area below the carved square pillar. Jump across to the area where the dead panther is (below the carved square pillar). Follow the tunnel behind the pillar, proceeding slowly to avoid a boulder that drops from the ceiling. Jump across the gap then follow the passageway to the left. Pick up some shotgun shells in the passage and kill a panther that attacks from the spike room beyond. Walk through the spikes to get another box of shells.

Return to the tunnel and proceed up the stairs. Collect the shotgun shells from the top of the tall pillar. From the top of the stairs (not the pillar) do a running jump to grab the opposite ledge. Turn around and jump to the sloped ledge on the right, slide backwards, grab the edge and traverse right until you can pull up on a flat spot. Do a running jump to the ledge with the shotgun shells (this is SECRET #3). Drop down to the greenish stones below, then drop/slide to the ground.

Go to the other end of the cave where some carved stone blocks obstruct the exit. Pull the first block out of the way, then push the second block twice to proceed. Follow the tunnel to a pool.

Across the way is another panther on patrol. You can kill it from this side of the water. Jump across to the island with pedestal that has the key on it. Immediately jump up on the pedestal, as there's another panther lurking behind it. Kill it and take the GOLD KEY.

Take a swim to draw out 2 crocodiles and kill them from the shore. Now locate a narrow underwater opening just to the left of the silver grate. Follow this passageway, climb out of the water and immediately jump up on the stone block. 2 crocodiles come out of their hole right away. Pick up the MAGNUMS and some clips. Another 2 crocs emerge when you pick up the small med-pack, and there's one more crocodile in the water. Take care of it before swimming back to the main area.

Swim over to where you killed the first panther. Before getting out of the water, pick up some magnum clips underwater in the corner opposite the entrance. Go up the slope and duck into the doorway on the left for a small med-pack. Continue up the slope and follow the wooden bridges to the top. At the very top of the last bridge, turn around so you're facing down the bridge. Jump straight up to grab a ledge. Pull up and jump to the opposite ledge. Climb to the top of the rock steps,own one more step for a large med-pack.

If you want all the kills, slide down the slope next to the stairs. Hang onto the end and drop, drawing that shotgun. Even after your adventures earlier (where you got the magnums) this pit still has a couple of crocs left in it. After killing them, exit through an opening opposite the two small ones. This deposits you in the cave between the moveable blocks and the room with the pool.

Return to the top of the wooden bridge. Now climb up on the right side and kill another hungry crocodile. Drop and hang from the ledge over the water and traverse to the right until you can pull up. Take the shotgun shells. Jump to the cat statue. Behind it is a small room with a locked door. Use the gold key to open it.

Enter and sidestep to avoid three boulders that come rolling down the ramps. If you're patient, you can kill 2 panthers from above or through the fences on the sides. Facing the ramps, go to the right and drop down to retrieve some shotgun shells. (You can take another shot at one of the panthers from here.) Climb back up and go down the left side to the floor (you'll have to get that panther now if you didn't before.) There's a third panther in the room on the far left. You can draw it out and jump up on the block to kill it if you like. Inside this room are 2 small med-packs. Through the first door on the left is a hallway that leads to a switch. This opens the doors at the top of the ramps. There's also a small med-pack here. (You can hop up near the cat statue for a nice view of the outside area.)

Return to the lower room and go across to the other side. Another panther lurks just inside the doorway. After killing it, follow the hallway to a fork. The darker, left fork leads to some shotgun shells and magnum clips. The right hallway to a small med-pack.

Climb back to the upper level. Go to one of the ramps and walk just far enough onto it so you can drop over the edge and hang. (Each time you walk up any of the ramps, a boulder is released.) Traverse until you reach the flat area at the top where you can pull up safely. Shoot the panther below before entering either of the doors.

Here you'll find a pair of wooden bridges over spikes. Take a standing jump to the first bridge, then a running jump to the second. Jump around to the various alcoves to pick up 3 small med-packs and some shells. Drop into the water, swim quickly through the underwater opening to avoid the 2 crocodiles Head upward then to the far left, where there is a lever. This opens the door just to the right. Swim out, surface, and immediately kill an attacking panther. Now finish off the crocs and go back to the underwater room with the lever to retrieve some shotgun shells.

Return to the sandy area and explore carefully. There are some well hidden spikes over near the more visible ones. When you go through the opening in the fence, you'll meet another panther, and when you pick up the 2 boxes of shells, a third panther attacks. The area to the left of the pool has goodies strewn on the ground, and a boulder trap ready to be sprung. Either rush in and back flip/side flip out, or run in and to the left for safety. When the coast is clear, pick up 2 boxes of shells and a small med-pack.

Now, go behind the block next to the big mound and awaken a pair of cat mummies. Jump on the block or the mound to kill them from safety. The standing mummy is not a threat. There is a crocodile in the pool below the wooden bridge. Kill it then swim down to pick up a small med-pack. Cross the bridge toward the mummy to end the level.

If you want a little something extra, before finishing the level, you can use the "fence bug" go get out into the desert and explore. Go the corner of the fenced in area just beyond the spike pit. Face Lara into the corner and she can run right through it to the other side. Once outside the fence, head to the the left and continue until you come to a small pool. Underwater are the UZIS and 2 sets of clips. There are also 2 more cat mummies out in the desert and another panther behind the bridge/mummy pedestal area. Stay away from the edges, though, the sand is really hot! To get back inside the fence, jump from the low hill over the corner of the fence. (Special thanks to Jeff Reid, John Witzel and Theresa Jenne for this info. For more interesting ways to explore the four add-on levels, check out Theresa's Newbie Walkthrough on the Croft Times site,


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