Irelands First Online PAYE Tax Calculator - History.

The calculator itself is now here:

This is the site ( where Irelands first online tax calculator used to reside. Esatclear became EsatBT and then BTireland. It wasn't clear how long the pages would survive and the calculator was move to a new site.

The calculator was developed originally as an excel spreadsheet, on a Mac, in 1995 (I used to work for Apple then).. In 1997 it was 'ported' to Sun's Java, which was only 2 years old then. So it became Irelands first online tax calculator. The original website was with a mirror at but neither of these sites are in existence anymore.

In 1997 the calculator was developed as an applet on a Macintosh using Metrowerks Powerplant. There was a GUI designer (the Java Constructor) which was great except it didn't seem to generate any usable code! So a develpter came up with a tool called JPOB generator found on this defunct website:, this is his current web page:

here's a post about this from 1997:

>From (Karl Grabe)
Date: 12 Mar 1997 23:24:47 GMT
Organization: <none>

To be honest, using constructor for java is a bit of a mess. It took me
ages, as a novice, to figure out how to use it.
However a very good alternative is to us JPOB generator. Check this site:

And an example is included. Using this generator, you get much smaller &
faster code (50k as opposed to 500k in my case.
Check (Constructor w. JPOB)
as opposed to (Constructor only)

The big problem with Constructor only is that it generates a Class for
EVERY item in the applet GUI (every button, popup etc). So you wind up
with loads of classes. Then I could only get the applet to run as runnable
zip file. IE (on a Mac anyway) doesn't work with Zip files.

Maybe I've approaced it the wrong way - some real Applet examples from MW
would help.

Hope this helps, again check out JPOB generator (it's free)

I found this here.

The calculator was written using the Java 1.0 event model and the calculator still used this and the JPOB code in 2009!

Karl Grabe, 28 March 2009


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