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ISBN: 0-9524426-0-4
£5.99 € 7.60
Set among the people and places of Hazel McIntyre's childhood. "Iron Wheels on Rocky Lanes" will evoke many memories and bring laughter and tears to the eyes of the reader.
Every rural community in Ireland will relate to the characters and events which unfold on each new page.

ISBN: 0-9524426-5-5
£6.99 € 9.00

This book has been chosen by 'Woman's Way' magazine as the most compelling read for the millennium edition.

 ‘For Love of Mary Kate’ set in 1920's Donegal and New York was launched in 1996 in Hazel McIntyre's   native village of Culdaff. Described as a "compelling saga of love and courage spanning three generations," it is one of those books that cannot be put down.


ISBN: 0-9524426-1-2
£5.99 € 7.60
'Lament in the wind' is the subject for a new film project by 'the Ulster American Folk Park.
Hazel McIntyre's latest novel ‘Lament In The Wind’ was launched in Culdaff in October 30th 1999. Beginning in the present, the carefully researched work of fiction set against the background of famine Ireland, tells the compelling story of Cassie O’ Connor. It has already been described, as a story of that will live long in the memory of the reader. ‘Lament in the wind' is not only Hazel McIntyre’s tribute to the victims of The Great Hunger, but is also a tribute to the courage and dignity of the human spirit.

ISBN: 0-9524426-6-3
£6.99 € 9.00
Launched October 2000
Echoes of Another Time combines fiction and memoir in this compelling, evocative collection of stories set in Donegal. Hazel McIntyre skillfully lets us into a rural world of wakes, weddings, funerals, dances, missions and much more. This delightful, uplifting and often funny glimpse of life in another time is sure to to appeal to the better instincts of all who who read it
Secrets on the Breeze

ISBN: 0-9524426-2-0
£6.99 € 9.00

Launched December 2001

Secrets On The Breeze the second volume in Hazel McIntyre's acclaimed rural trilogy, (following on from For love of Mary Kate) is an outstanding storytelling achievement packed with intriguing characters which holds the attention to the very end.
From Dublin and Donegal to the streets of New York and Canada, the lives of four women are changed irrevocably by love, fear and dark secrets that they must keep.

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