Taken from 'Iron Wheels on Rocky Lanes'


Warm days of summer,
Wandering through dusty lanes,
Strange! I can only remember the warm days,
When I escape back to childhood.

Winter snow crisp and even,
Bright starry nights of frosty magic,
Strange! I can only remember
The clear bright skies of winter,
When I escape back to childhood.

The sound of your voices,
the laughter, the play,
The crimson of a summer dawn,
In the whizzing of a pleasant wind,
Whispering across the hills
I remember you all,
In my escape back to childhood

Hazel with her parents and sister Muriel

Hazel with her brothers and sisters

Hazel with her brother at culdaff

The late Robert McIntyre
Hazel's Father

Hazel McIntyre

Hazel aged 10

Hazel aged 15


When years seem to disappear
Like leaves in an Autumn gale,
And in the dark days
When layers of cloud
Obscure and drain all colour
from the landscape.
Nothing can take away,
Memory of a perfect day
And a bright beginning.

In Memory

The chilly bite of a winter dawn on the deserted
Only my own footprints on the hard firm sand.
How many prints of those that trod before me?
Have been long since washed clean,
Ahead of the ceaselessly, timeless rushing tide.

The late William James McIntyre
Hazel's brother

Died in Australia aged 29



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