Secrets On The Breeze the second volume in Hazel McIntyre's acclaimed rural trilogy, (following on from For love of Mary Kate) is an outstanding storytelling achievement packed with intriguing characters which holds the attention to the very end.

From Dublin and Donegal to the streets of New York and Canada, the lives of four women are changed irrevocably by love, fear and dark secrets that they must keep.

Her mother living in New York, Mary Kate Quinn was brought up by her grandmother Sara, and James Thompson, who have cherished her since infancy, protecting her from the knowledge which might otherwise have destroyed her - the secrets of her own origins.

Tired of Dublin life, Mary Kate applies for a teaching post in the small, rural school where she had been a pupil. Thanks to the intervention of her old teacher, Eleanor, she is offered the post. Back home, she becomes entangled in the lives of the people around her, as she struggles to unravel the malignant secrets lurking in the past.

But her heart often rules her head, Mary Kate, survives lost love, rejection and loneliness. Finally she succeeds in finding the love she has longed for, putting the ghosts of her past to rest.

Secrets On The Breeze
Is the second in the compelling trilogy by Hazel McIntyre which follows the fate of the Quinn family through succeeding generations…

Nobel Laurete launches new book December 21, 2001

NOBEL laureate, John Hume, has hailed Culdaff writer, Hazel McIntyre as a tremendous ambassador for Inishowen. Speaking last Saturday night in the Tulnaree, Camdonagh, when he officially launched Hazel's latest novel, "Secrets on the Breeze", Mr. Hume said no-one had done more to promote Inishowen than Hazel, through her outstanding work as an author.
Mr. Hume, who himself has close associations with Inishowen as his father and grandparents were all born in the peninsula, said that Hazel, through her novels and short stories, was promoting the community and country she grew up in to an international audience. In particular, Mr. Hume, congratulated Hazel for her work in forging links between Inishowen and Canada and he read a message of congratulations to the Culdaff author on the publication of her new novel from Bill Gusen, charge d'affaires at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin.
Messages of congratulations were also received from singer, Daniel O'Donnell, Canadian writer, Anne Brennan, who attended this year's Macklin Autumn School in Culdaff and Denis Noel the New Brunswick archivist who has helped Hazel forge such strong links with Canada.
Hazel expressed thanks to her family for their continued support to her and said as always, the opinions of those who read the new novel would matter most to her.
She revealed that an early draft of "Secrets on the Breeze" had been lost on a computer and when she came later upon some of the chapters that had been saved, she decided to have another go at writing the story.
"Secrets of the Breeze" is a follow-up to Hazel's hugely successful first novel, "For Love of Mary Kate" which was chosen by "Women's Way" magazine for its Millennium edition, and the Culdaff author intends to write a third novel in this compelling series. Entertainment at the book launch was provided by the Inishowen Traditional Music Project and by singer, 12/28/01