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Internet Marketing Consultancy
Many companies are aware of the advantages of Internet but are simply overwhelmed at the huge variety of possibilities there are in this area. It is not always necessary to spend $5,000 - $10,000 on a huge website. Contact me by e-mail and explain to me your business activity, and I will help you to develop an effective internet presence which will allow you to get sales and at a low cost.

Internet Research and Client Prospection
Do you have a new product that you want to research to find out about potential competitors or partners? Interested in a new export market but don't know where to start? Already selling well at home but want to find new products to sell in your home market? Looking for a new supplier? Send me an e-mail and let me use my experience help you.

Multimedia Training Courses and Customised Tutorials on CD Rom
I am lead translator and developer for the English versions of the International Trade Courses marketed by Reingex S.L. A leading Spanish CBT Company. Why not visit their website and find out more about these top quality courses. Reingex Web.

Internet Trade Leads Services
Take advantage of my database of over 25,000 trade leads, which is still growing every day. Send me an e-mail with the product or service you are interested in and I will reply to you with the number of suppliers and buyers I have on file. At just $1 per address ordered you can't go wrong. If I don't find any contacts, there's no fee. I also offer a trade leads posting service which will save you time and money in sending your trade lead. For just $50 I will post your trade lead in all the sites listed in my trade guide.
I also offer a subscription service where for just $25 per month I will monitor all incoming trade leads and advise you upon receiving a lead which matches your criteria.

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