The Overdraft - The Old Reliable - or is it?





The Overdraft - The Old Reliable - or is it?

Most finance for trade in Ireland is provided by way of the overdraft. The reason being that it provides flexibility. However in times of growth it may be an inadequate form of funding, and often expensive if limits are broken. Broken, perhaps because you finally got that big overseas order. As sales grow it is unlikely to make sense to rely solely on overdraft arrangements. You should be aware of alternative means of finance and know how to use them.


Some of the following finance methods are not relevant to many of the largest exporters in Ireland. The reason being that much of the 'exports' relate to inter group business and minding the money is

purely a treasury function as opposed to a trade finance function. I must say that in recent years more of the multinational companies are managing their groups trade finance operations from Ireland.


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