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Irish Naturist Association

Welcome to the homepage of the Irish Naturist Association.

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On sale from Lifestyle Press since publication on World Naturist Day this year is a book called "Bare Britain", an excellent complimentary book to "Bare Beaches", by the same team. The authors took the time and effort to include a section on naturist beaches in Ireland. This excellent 200 page full-colour book will become a must-have for naturists in these islands, plus our many friends visiting from overseas.

Pay them a visit by clicking the banner below

A brief note from the website team. The theme here is Sun & Sand, and this heralds the return of the original colour for the INA logo. More on the logo here.

The Irish Naturist Association (INA) has been in existence for more than 30 years, and acts as an umbrella organization. Our primary function is to promote Naturism in Ireland - we are currently campaigning for the provision of officially approved clothing optional beaches. Naturist facilities in Ireland are very limited. Although there are many secluded beaches around our extensive coastline that are used by naturists, there are no officially recognised naturist beaches. Organised facilities are currently limited to Dublin and Tipperary.

We are affiliated to the International Naturist Federation (INF) and issue INF membership cards to our members. The INF card is the internationally recognised naturist "passport". It is required for entry into most naturist clubs, campsites and holiday centres in Europe.

The INA does not primarily organise social functions as its main purpose is to promote Naturism and to provide information. However, in order to provide facilities for our members who are not in a position to join Club Aquarius (based in Dublin) and the SNC, the Southern Naturist Club, based in the Cork/ Limerick area, we have organised a weekly naturist swimming session in Dublin and a monthly swim/sauna/jacuzzi session in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, both of which are open to all INA members, with or without a partner. We plan to provide facilities in other parts of the country as our membership grows. During 2005 we hope to set up a club in the Galway/Sligo region. There are no vacancies for single or unaccompanied men in either Club Aquarius or the Southern Naturist Club at present. Single or unaccompanied men are of course welcome to join the INA and take part in all our activities.

We provide information on naturist beaches at home and abroad. We can also provide information on naturist holidays, and we keep our members informed through a quarterly magazine, Irish Naturist. For a list of social functions, organised by us and by affiliated groups, please see Events.

For up to date information and discussion log on to Irelands Naturist Forum at MSN GROUPS, a naturist e-group open to everyone.

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Postal AddressINA, P.O. Box 1077, Churchtown, Dublin 14, Ireland.

Please Note: if you require a written reply to your inquiry, please enclose an SAE. Thank you.


Ireland: 086-837 0395 / Fax: 086-5837 0395
Int'l: +353-86-837 0395 / Fax: +353-86-5837 0395
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The INA Logo

The logo for the Irish Naturist Association, is very fittingly an ancient Celtic symbol for the sun.
Couldn't be more appropriate for us, we think!
The INA Logo

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