Hello & Welcome, to the JayH homepage.

  Instead of going the usual route by doing a page all about Me, Me & my dog, Me on vacation etc, I decided to provide something of interest to those outside my family. This site is going to contain some of the many related topic's on The Guitar.

  The influence's of one generation to the next.
  A sort of review on some artist's & their music.

  An index of where you can get a guitar built to suit your taste & finger's.

  Or if your feeling a little more adventurous where to find the part's to create your own baby.
  So sit back, have a cup of whatever tickle's your fancy, & let your mouse do the scrolling.

This site is always being updated. So check in from time to time to find out what's new.
If you have any comments or suggestions, on either the content or the construction, I would appreciate it.
Also, if you know of any other sites or contacts ,that may prove helpful, send them in.
Send in photo's of your own guitar with some info & I'll put them up.

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