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Andy Summers   Synaesthesia

  The first time I tried to listen to this disc, it didn't last through the second song. I don't  know  why, maybe I was just in the mood for something else.
  Yesterday, I was in the looking  for a change & said I would give it another try. I was well surprised.     
  The first thing that comes to mind is, how Jeff Beck could have recorded this to carry on the theme set on Blow by Blow.
  Technically, the playing on Synaesthesia is sound. But then, we know Summers is no slouch on the strings, his body of work with The Police still stands up today.
  It's not so much of a note noodling, look how fast I can play, as a mixture of textured chords voiced through various effects.  Underneath this surface, we are treated to some fantastic fill in notes & sounds, all deliberate in their inclusion. Bundled together, this multi layered  body of work, also featuring Ginger Baker, Greg Bissonette, Mitchell Forman & Jerry Watts, will give fans of the aforementioned Blow by Blow, a satisfying smile of approval.
  From the jazzy distortion of Cubano Rebop right through to the dark & moody acoustic I Remember, the album just doesn't fail.
  Write to: CMP RECORDS LTD, 24 Hart Street, Henley on Thames, Oxon, RGN2AU, UK


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