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Hello, and Welcome to KARTINGdot.COM... Our last update was Sunday, March 30, 2003 10:25 PM

KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed!
KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed! KARTINGdot.COM... Get Up To Speed!

Sunday, March 30, 2003
I've added a link to Inis-Motorsports new website to the navigation ar to the side. I thought I'd mention it here too as it's well worth a look, especially to all our Irish Karters as Inis now provides an online order service for parts and spares, etc...

Sunday, January 26, 2003 7:07 PM

The new CIK approved pods by Rigetti Ridolfi, the Italian plastics manufacturer were used on the new TonyKart recently driven by Ferrari drivers Michael Shumacher, Rubens Barichello and Luciano Burti on ice no less, recently. Pictures can be seen over at F1-Live by clicking here.

This is not the only "new" bodywork set for 2003. Something which is causing some controversy over the legality and safety of the sets under certain sporting bodies regulations. For now take a look at the new fairings and see what you think. Later next week we'll have a look at some of the bodywork elements already in use and new for 2003 as well as their application.


A slightly late Happy New Year to all our visitors. Hopefully a more active site will be seen this year. Currently I'm working on updating all the pages such as the tracks, classes and directories to include even bigger databases.

Much of the sites traffic is from Ireland hopefully due to some on-track advertising earlier last season. I'm going to set up an Irish karting section to provide a bit more news and race reports once the season gets going and a proper forum back online would be pretty useful too I guess.

So spread the word, and a safe and enjoyables years racing to everyone.

Thursday, October 3, 2002 10:06 PM

Emmett Scully wishes to announce the sale of this equipment. Details as Follows:

FOR SALE: JICA / Junior restricted outfit for sale.
2001 tony kart extreme, 2001 stratos engine, 98 ital system engine, 96 ital system engine, 2 exhausts, 1 with silencer, several chains and sprockets, 1 set of wet tyres on rims, 2 sets of dry tyres on rims and 2 more front rims with tyres,1 more set of wet tyres off rims and several more sets of dry tyres off rims, spare axel, spare side pod and nose cone, starter box(one race from new), kart stand. 2000 euro's, great deal.
Phone: Emmett Scully at 0502-48273 or e-mail scullbone@utvinternet.com

Monday, July 1, 2002 9:44 PM

It seems the event at Midlands Karting on June 2nd was an enjoyable day out for all involved and helped to raise some funds.

Some minor repairs and additions today, everything from the old site will be put in place shortly so this site can get off the ground.

I hope to put more time into the site over the next few months all going well.

Best of luck and enjoy!

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