June 1995 heralded a new era in Aghabullogue parish with the arrival of the "New Curate". Rylane immediately took the bearded traveller into it's warm midst and so emerged a new pride and passion in our beloved place. The tradition of music, song and dance was revitalised, and we affectionately become known as the "Cultural Capital of the Parish". And so "over a pint and under a star" Féile Rylane was concieved, a festival of what is best and traditional in us. For three days, each year, on the last weekend in June we celebrate the culture and customs of Rylane. Our programme is varied, but is all based on local customs and tradition. This year 1999, the list of events includes sports, Puc Fáda, competition, road bowling, free open air concerts with the likes of the Rakish Paddies, dancing, dancing and more dancing and concluding with cross roads dancing on the Sunday night with excellent live music.

Féile Rylane is an annual festival of music and culture held each June. Featured below are some of the bands that have played at Féile over the last number of years.

The Four Star Trio, Johnny McCarthy, Con Fádá Ó' Drisceoil, & Pat 'Herring Ahern make up this excellent traditional trio. They hail from Cork and have one album to their name entitled 'The Square Triangle' (named after a recent appearance at Féile Rylane, why? click here). Click the photograph (right) for a sample. The photograph shows the group with Paul O' Shaughnessy (2nd from right) in Dan O' Connells bar in Knocknagree.
The Dublin City Ramblers, fronted by Patsy Watchhorn, the Ramblers have consistently been one of the best ballad groups in the county over the last number of years.

Rakish Paddies, due to appear at this years Féile.  


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