Rylane in the Oireachtas

Turf Development Bill, 1997: Order for Second Stage. (19, November, 1997)

Mr. O'Flynn:On a personal note this change is a far cry from my childhood memory of walking down Cork Centre Park Road toward the marina, seeing the vast stock piles of turf of local fuel merchants. Those massive manmade mountains were a relic of the war years. I remember then wondering how anybody could ever burn that amount of turf. It also brings to mind the thriving turf business run by many Cork companies, one of whom was Pope Brothers whose lorries were driven regularly to the midlands to keep our fires burning and Corkonians warm in their homes. Unlike Deputy Stagg, I have no experience of cutting turf even though, believe it or not, there is a turf bog in Cork.

Mrs. O'Rourke: I cannot believe it.

Mr. O'Flynn: It is located in Rylane in County Cork. During the war years and the Emergency, the Army played a pivotal role in ensuring that its construction corps provided turf for the fires of the city and county of Cork.

Mrs. O'Rourke:What about the pub licence? There was a pub licence on the bog.

Mr. O'Flynn: There is still a pub there. In the not too distant past I remember the pride I felt when some European peat developers came here to study and learn peat harvesting technology from Bord na Móna which was then and remains the foremost in Europe.

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