Dao Jones

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4th June 1999 was the 10th anniversary of the TiananmenSquare Massacre. This is the title piece (written some years before) of the Top Pocket publication brought out by Little Red Hen on that date. 

Comrade Dao Jones Reassesses Tiananmen Square.

“Dangerous seeds of dissent had been sown!”

(Five billion bucks has a voice of its own.)

“Power can  only belong to the few.

When challenged” (said D.J.) “what else could they do?

Democracy’s all very well in its way

but practical politics must hold the sway.

The real solution is commerce - and  prayer

to protect our  investment - from Tienamen Square.

“Our investment protected, the outlook is fair -

won’t utter a peep about Tienamen Square.


“Sanctions on Cuba, a total embargo

till the death rate of infants there matches Chicago’s,

& won’t Saddam suffer the punishing lack

of medical goods for the kids in Iraq;

but sanctions on China make no kind of sense

when there’s billions at stake. So we sit on the fence.

Tibetans may feel it’s a little unfair,

but what else can we do  about Tienamen Square?

“We’ll teach them a lesson as soon as we dare,

but most-favoured-nation’s a status that’s rare.

The future is very much up in the air -

now that’s quite enough about Tienamen Square!


“The world is a violent violent  place

riven by gender, religion & race;

provocative protests by students en masse,

invite water cannon & batons & gas,

& ultimate order depends upon tanks

- we all know it - Chinese & Russians & Yanks...

They did what they had to do - no problem there.

Hats off to the victors of Tienamen Square!

“It’s a penance, a burden, a cross we must bear -

to kowtow to the masters of Tienamen Square.


“Nothing is hopeless. We can make amends.

We can rewrite the story so everything ends

on an upbeat. Don’t count on it, don’t speak too soon,

but we might  have the plot for a Disney cartoon

with dragons & dwarfs & a fairy princess!

In the interim, one guarantee of redress:

we’re floating a scheme at a dollar a share

to build a Macdonalds in Tienamen Square.


“We fight demons within we fight demons out there -

so we bargain with butchers?  That shows that we care!

We have principles, values & ethics to spare.

O those kids had it coming on Tienamen Square!”


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