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Jack Hughes

will present an occasional column, comment & topical satire, with contributions from our feminist affairs correspondent, G.Zola.

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Meantime as part of a policy of ongoing premeditation Jack Hughes presents the first two in a series of Unpublished Letters to the Editor. What Editors? Editors less impartial than he, that’s who.


Conor Brady, Editor, The Irish Times - 1996


On RTE last evening we witnessed the following exchange. Nora of the National Party said “I'm against all forms of child abuse, including abortion.” Liz O'Donnell replied: “You're changing the subject!”

Can you, as guarantor & champion of A Liberal Agenda, confirm that Mz Liz’s rejoinder represents moral relativism in its fullest flower? Is there some upmarket market in Dublin 4 where one may acquire the health drug that splits the mind into compartments & nurtures a different moral standard in each - so the cant has it: not double standards; different standards.

Or will you, compartmentalising & suppressing your own promise in Glenties the year before last, relegate my comment to that compartment which shreds dissenting utterance & suppress this letter too?

Surprise me, do!




3rd June 1996: Editor, The Observer


Robert Kaplan writes (2/6/96): “Only when the middle class becomes sufficiently large & self-confident does it begin to get rid of the dictators responsible for its prosperity. This is what has been happening in Chile...” A contributing editor to Atlantic Monthly  might have  been expected to know better, unless he belonged to the late Leary’s disciples, who blew their minds in the 60s & had nothing left to think with after that.

Chile before Pinochet, alone among South American nations, had an unbroken tradition of democratic government stretching back to its first independence under Bernardo O’Higgins. Allende’s popular government, for the crime of wishing to reclaim Chile’s resources from foreign companies, was overthrown in 1972 by a savage coup, instigated & financed by IT&T, CIA, Belgian & other imperial interests.

It is only when “middle classes” have collaborated with & kowtowed to unfettered exploitation by capital, native or foreign, that they are permitted to jettison dictatorships & enjoy such illusory benefits as are afforded by bourgeois democracy. Freedom of speech is tolerated only as long as it ignores the fundamental inequality promoted & required, nay demanded by such exploitation.  

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