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Reviews of Priorities(1979) - poems by Sydney Bernard Smith


Compared to the cold fastidiousness of many poets, Smith’s openness, wounded & wounding, comic & pathetic, is fresh air.

Brian Lynch, Sunday Press


European in form & content, appeals in direct, humorous & strong language to human decencies.

John F.Deane, Poetry Ireland


...a love for the witty , lying possibilities within language.

Thomas McCarthy, Irish Times


...angry, energetic...

James Simmons, Books Ireland


Ireland’s most  experimental poet

Irish Independent

.Some Theatre Reviews: See also Role Photos & Cuttings

“GOOSE... poetic satire... savagely indignant odyssey through the convolutions of torture, legality & corruption. Tour de force... splendid performance... passionate clarity...”       Fintan O’Toole, SUNDAY TRIBUNE , Oct 6, 1985

“Brilliant satire... a delight... a must....”           Robert Allen, IRISH TIMES, Oct 1985

“One of the unexpected delights of last year’s festival... was Sydney Bernard Smith’s own performance of his epic satiric poem How To Roast A Strasbourg Goose which managed to be both densely suggestive & very funny.”              Fintan O’Toole, SUNDAY TRIBUNE, Oct 1986

“...tart little epics...  a hit-&-run troubadour, delivering short sharp shocks & moving on with mischievous glee.” Fintan O’Toole, SUNDAY TRIBUNE,  Oct 1987

“...a hint of genius...that theatrical rarity, an accomplished actor who is also an intellectual and a wit and whose polished style is breathtaking... a gift of pithy description and of conjuring up vivid images... a mix of Swiftian satire & Moliere’s barbed cynicism laced with a touch of the Evelyn Waughs and the light banter of Noel Coward.. He is very much in the great Dublin tradition of the erudite wit.”  Charles Fitzgerald, BELFAST NEWSLETTER, June 3, 1989

 “... sharp & witty satire.”            Gerry Colgan, IRISH TIMES, Oct 1987

“To hold the stage for almost an hour without the vestige of a prop & only minimal changes in lighting is an awesome task. The bould Sydney made it seem no problem at all.”           Con Houlihan, EVENING PRESS, Aug 1988

“Sydney Bernard Smith is like a circus car that pulls up on stage and disgorges a riotous collection of characters...” Terry Doran, BUFFALO NEWS, Dec 4, 1992

“A ferocious flagrantly funny intellect... gleeful about Irish poets (it takes one to know one), landlords, ruling mentalities (the ‘imperturbables’), ancient Irish gods ...very funny, political, philosophical, existential & no doubt metaphysical. For him language is musical, felicitous, comical, flippant, suggestive, buoyant weaponry and adumbrative of mysteries beyond us.”                         Terry Doran, BUFFALO NEWS, Feb 5, 1993

“uncompromisingly funny... brilliantly absurd”           Sara O’Sullivan, THE SCOTSMAN,  Aug 30, 1995

“Smith... an actor with a passion for his art. His hands are extensions of his characters’ thoughts & his body is energetically used to convey conviction, sincerity & comedy. This burly, bearded man with a finely-tuned voice gives a solid performance as he convincingly manages to create characters on a completely bare stage without the aid of props or costume. The text reads like a classical novel...”    Cameron Robertson, THE STAGE, Aug 31, 1995

“Brilliant one-man tour de force...”       Nick Carter, IN-DUBLIN, Oct 1985


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