Tidy Towns Three Year Plan


It is a requirement when entering the Tidy Town Competition that a three or five year plan be submitted to the relevant bodies. Clonroche Development Association have submitted a three year plan with strong emphases on the creation of an overall blueprint for the village


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The Overview


Clonroche Village is situated on the N-30, between the towns of Enniscorthy and New Ross, in County Wexford

The Village has a population 500 approx. and growing.. The wider electoral division has a population of 1103 people,

Clonroche Village was founded c1670. The townland of Clonroche can be traced back to the 15th century. The Village consists of three public houses, post office, school, two supermarkets, convenience shop, Garage, 2 Petrol Stations, Gala Store, Furniture Store hardware store, hairdresser & carpet store.

On the industrial side Clonroche Village has a modern feed mill operated by Glanbia PLC, an engineering works, two replacement window plants, soft fruit processing plant, and two water installation units.

Clonroche is the premier soft fruit growing area in the country and accounts for a large proportion of total soft fruit production of the state.

Clonroche had a very active Tidy Towns Committee over thirty years ago but disconcerted development by the local authority had the effect of breaking the spirit of this group and the village withdrew from the competition at that time.

Nineteen-ninety-nine was the first time the village entered the tidy town's contest in over thirty years. We had hoped, within a three year period, and with the help of Wexford County Council, FAS, WORD and other such organisations to transform the village into a pleasant, desirable place to live, work, visit, and pass through. The local Tidy Towns Committee are the roll up the sleeves and work type and have taken the village from a lowly 22nd position from the bottom in it's category to it's present position of 94th from the bottom in its category. This is a strong performance which we hope to maintain over the coming years.



Achievements to-date


Over the past four years the local development group have put in a Trojan effort to develop and lobby for the improvement of the village of Clonroche. This includes:

· Building the Millennium Park.
 · Securing of a sports/amenity area for the youth of the village
· The Clonroche Vintage Festival now attracting over 4,000 visitors
· Volunteers installed and funded a vintage lighting system in the Villas Housing Estate.
· Cleaning out over 230 Tonnes of rubbish from Healys Lane and creating an environmental walk
· Winning a Silver Award in the Nations in Bloom Competition in China
· Winning an Award in the Green Town 2000 Competition for the Millennium Park
· Replanting village trees and removing diseased trees
· Constructing the Clonroche Web Site
· Christmas Bazaar with Christmas Tree and outdoor illuminations in village
· The commissioning of Clonroche Village granite stones on the main approach roads
· The Villas stone plaque
· Planting and Pruning in the village
· The Management of the FAS CE Scheme
· Initiating Clonroche Craft Fair
· Penny Bank Thrift Club
· UCD Urban Design Students Village Plan
· Serious Historical Research. Articles published on the Internet. A book or books will be produced. Articles for publication in the 'Past Magazine'
· Community Centre Computer
· Community Centre Kitchen
· Cleaning of village streets and maintenance and planting
· Maintenance of Millennium Park
· Community advice and communication

The Built Environment Achievements

Wexford County Council is now engaged in reconstructing the footpaths in the centre of the village. Services, as far as possible, will be delivered underground and a new and appropriate lighting system will be installed in the village centre. A focal point will be created with seating and lighting in the centre of the village.

Footpaths and lighting will be extended from the new housing estate, Sli an Uische, to the village centre. This should be a major improvement to the village.


In the private sector the new Filling Station is completed and although not situated in an ideal position will brighten the village. The new house and shop facing the Spout Road junction is a major improvement on the dereliction evident from other years. The private housing estate, Woodlands, when completed will add to the village and the new private houses erected on the Cloughbawn Road will be beneficial to the neighbourhood.

A new sports/amenity field will be developed by volunteers this year and further development will take place over the coming years. The will be beneficial to the younger members of the community.


The Plan

Major problems still exist in village with over 7,000 vehicles per day pass though. The eyesore on the Enniscorthy approach road opposite the Glanbia Mill Complex still remains. Glanbia is a major employer in the area and one would expect this treatment would be unthinkable in any of the principle towns or in the case of a multi national company located in any other area

Discussions are ongoing with the owners of three derelict buildings in the village and if allowed the committee will endeavour to make these site more presentable.

The extension of footpaths on the Enniscorthy, New Ross and Cloughbawn approach roads are essential as the community are entrapped in the centre of the village by the danger of walking on such a busy narrow road. The lighting will also be extended

Last season the committee created a natural amenity area from a disused lane in the centre of the village. 240 tonnes of rubbish and debris was removed from this closed historic laneway completely by the voluntary members of the committees. This effort got no recognition at all in last years report


It is hoped to label the natural flora in the lane and to place pictorial exhibits of bird and other wild life that inhabits the half-mile long lane. This could prove to be a valuable educational resource for the local primary school and a desirable and educational amenity for young and old alike. This project can be further built on in coming years.

We hope to encourage more people in the community to engage with us to improve the village but with a committee of forty elected and committed members we are very representative of the community and are fortunate to have the support of ninety percent of the community for our efforts.

We will continue in our efforts to keep Clonroche litter free and continue with planting and maintaining the Millennium Park etc. Because of the construction phase this year our efforts will be focused on the clean up and after maintenance of this work


Year Two

We will continue with and lobby for the implementation of the further upgrading of the village. We will continue to organise the Vintage Festival and the management of our FAS workers. Our group will encourage people in the village to be litter and waste conscious. We will continue to keep our streets tidy. We will continue to work on conservation and waste management issues and drive forward the Model Sustainable Rural Community Programme.

We hope the Sports Ground will be well advanced and the approach roads to the village will be realigned and footpaths and lighting extended. This is essential not alone for the safety of the community who must share this road with 7,000 vehicles per day, 1700+ that are heavy goods vehicles but to allow our committee to plant and develop the approach roads to the village, which is in urgent need of development


We will continue to plan and organise to make the village of Clonroche an attractive place to live, work and visit. We are also engaged in the social scene and we will have our Irish Music Song and dance performed in the Millennium Park on Monday evenings over the summer months


Year Three


As Clonroche is one mile long we understand development would take up to three years to complete. We are making progress and we hope this progress can be maintained. We have come along way in the last four years with courageous and voluntary community commitment. We recognise the effectiveness and potential of creating a village centre or focal point. This could be developed between Clonroche Community Centre and Diers Lawn. The area opposite the community centre could be a wide paved area. Suitable paving would also be laid on the Community Centre side, narrowing the roadway and creating a link between the Community Centre and Diers Lawn which could be developed as an amenity area for young and old. This would have the effect of creating a village centre and focal point and linking the community around the Community Centre, the Millennium Park, and the amenity area that could be Diers Lawn. The potential is there.

The creation of a water feature to mark the discovery of a long lost well in the centre of the village will also figure in the plans for the village. Information on this well can be found on the 'Clonroche' website


The reader will be aware that this community is putting in a great effort to improve the village of Clonroche. We hope with co-operation from the local authority and other interested bodies can bring Clonroche village to a standard befitting a rural Irish village in the twenty first centuries. In so doing we hope Clonroche will be a pleasant village in live, work and visit and can contribute to the attractiveness of Ireland as a place to visit