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Have you a Tradeable Product or Service ?

In to-days world it is important to keep your product or service in the forefront of your potential customers awareness. This is done by word of mouth, leaflets, publications, radio and television advertisement.

If you have a tradeable product or service with an international appeal then it can be difficult to reach the target audience and almost impossible to supply information at the moment the client or customer requires it.

The Internet Solution

The Internet is one answer to this problem. Only in it’s infancy at present, this is the way business will be done in the not too distant future. It is now possible for the traveller to book a hotel in any town in the world, see it’s facilities, it's tariffs, even read the menu without ever having set foot in the place before. Not only that but he can call up airlines, car hire, and even a map to guide him to the very street all without leaving his office desk.

Where's the Market ?

If you have a unique product you should have a site on the Internet. Think of all the people who left your town and need to send flowers for mothers day. If you have a flower shop in that town how easy to call up your page, from any where in the world, view your service, prices and product at their convenience without wasting your time or theirs.

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We at Clonroche Web Design can help to give your business an Internet. presence Be it a mention, a page, or a site we can in one free consultation evaluate your needs and requirements. or you can supply us with your copy, logo, graphics, from any part of the world and we can do the rest It’s as easy as that

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