The new play centre in Littleton



Women Again




The modern type Marriage

Listen Good : It's always on a fine day that it starts to rain





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A foreign play school



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We all try to keep the wolf from the door



Old Fr. Time



Littleton Rooster, Checking Oven For Size



In a graveyard near me



Me, Over a half century ago


Me, 6 Hrs Old

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Checking Chimney for size

How you'll know if your Bad









Don't be always rushing







It's Looking that way lately



A Poor Landing




He goes nowhere without his organ


 Learn all about Politics

Modern Tech


Modern Marriage

Michaell and Mona were newlyweds. Michael thought this would be a modern marriage, meaning they would each play equal roles.

So, the first morning after their honeymoon, he brought Mona breakfast in bed.

However, Mona wasn't at all impressed by his culinary skills. Looking disdainfully at the tray, she snorted, "A poached egg?

I wanted scrambled!"

Undaunted, the following morning, Michael brought his new bride a scrambled egg.

Unfortunately, Mona wasn't satisfied. "Did you ever stop to think that perhaps I like variety?" she snapped.

"I wanted poached this morning!"

Determined to please her, the next morning, he brought her two eggs….one poached and one scrambled.

"Here, my darling, enjoy," he said cheerfully.

Mona was infuriated. "You scrambled the wrong egg!" she screamed.

I Give Up



Tell your child in time that,

Smoking Damages His Health


Presentation means all

Now That's what I Call 

Unsafe Sex



The Littleton Boxing Arena

The night of the big fight






Happy Xmas 2010 To All

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