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Review from Hot Press Magazine

5th April

From County Cavan spring forth the enticing sounds of Navac8 (pronounced 'Navigate'). Their demo opens with ‘Trade-in Candy’ which is a delicious slew of pop, rock and dance with loads of guitars and relentless loops, samples and synths forming a constantly changing background for Lorraine O’Reilly’s evocative vocals……O’Reilly’s vocals come too close to Sinead (O'Connor) to win in the originality stakes but it leaves you wanting more.

‘My Own’ features some jagged strings (of the real variety) amid the loops and samples plus a more traditional rock format (drums, bass and stuff)…it oozes atmosphere and a heavy hint of danger…..we need more bands like Navac8 brave enough to eschew the cliched guitars and drum format and venture into the open arms of the new music technology

Listen to the music here !