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"And like that...he's gone" "Bond... James Bond" "There's a flipside to that Coin" "If there is any Doubt, there is no doubt" "I have my father's Eyes" "There's a Fine line between clever and stupid" "Even going so far as to demonstrate
the Goat Dance"
"How d'ya like them apples?" "I love it" "Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown" "He pulls a Knife - you pull a gun" "Lots of places, ne he he" "You Maniacs! You blew it up!" "Ney hoo long ah!" "My father made him an Offer he
couldn't refuse"
"Why don't you stop Playing with
yourself Willie?"
"My ambassador of Quam"
    "Reggy, Reggy, Reggy" "Pull the String!" "I'll Touch you back" "Tom Cruise didn't know he was in that
    vampire movie Until two years later"
    "What's yourVector Victor?" "Wooooooaaaaaaw'mmmmmm" "My name is Citizen Kane. I live inXanadu" "You ain't never had it till ya made it
    with a big fat blondie waitress"
      "Oh No! Zombies!"

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