Notes for Contributors.


First and foremost, please try to emulate the style and standards used in this issue. Documents should be typewritten on one side only with one inch margins all around. Pages should not be numbered. Documents, e-mails, attachments or floppy disks supplied should be supplied in Microsoft Word with simple formatting, or as text files. Spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel [3]  or Lotus123 [5] . Pictures should be original, good copies or on PC disk in a standard format such as jpg or tif. Tiff is preferred. Sound samples can be standard analogue recordings on cassette tape, on CD-ROM or wav files. Video samples should be in AVI or MOV format, standard VHS or digital video tape in PAL standard are perfectly acceptable. Original drawings should be separated on a page by page basis and one side only of each page used. It would be helpful if subscribers could attach a separate list of names with dates, which appear in their article or paper.

Document Format.

The standard font used in future issues will be Times New Roman 12pt. Text will be justified left in future issues to facilitate speed-readers. Names of books and periodicals will be in italics. Words in a language other than English will be italicised but not personal names. Quoted text will be indented and quoted verbatim. The use of (sic) in quoted text is not obligatory. Footnotes are by the page using standard numbers. Footnotes are to be in Times New Roman 10pt. Lists are to be in 8 pt or 10pt. Titles, sub-titles and sub-sub-titles are Bold 14pt, 13pt and 12pt respectively. Author's name is standard text size following the title on a new line. Each paper title is preceded with a unique number, which will be allocated by the editor. Tune titles will be in parenthesis unless in a list in which case normal text will be used. Instrument names will use a capital e.g. Highland pipes or Union pipes.

Copyright etc.

All books, journals, papers etc. quoted or used must be credited in footnotes. All contributors are bound to make certain they have permission from copyright holders as necessary. Copyright of each paper rests with the contributor or as credited. However, this journal assumes the right to re-use material submitted. If anything appearing in the journal is reproduced elsewhere it is a pre-condition that the journal be credited in the standard way.

(Introductory material by Ken McLeod)


[1] The Tulla Céili Band written and published by Chris Keane 1999. Available from the Ennis bookshop an excellent new title with many good photographs.
[2] per Wilbert Garvin.
[3] Word, Excel, and Microsoft are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.
[4] Mac is a tradmark of Apple, Inc. Unix is a tradmark of Novell Corporation.
[5] Lotus and 1-2-3 are trademarks of IBM Corporation.