Contents of previous issues of the Seán Reid Society Journal

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Volume One, March 1999.

Seán Reid The Seán Reid Society. Constitution and Rules.
Notes for Contributors.
News. Garret Barry gravesite/memorial; William Kennedy set uncovered; Mickey "Cumbá" O'Sullivan; query regarding Thomas Coullie, pipemaker.
  • 1.01 An early set of Irish pipes, circa 1780. Ken McLeod & Wilbert Garvin. Description, many pictures and detailed drawings of one of the finest examples of an early Union pipe.
  • 1.02 Transcriptions of tunes by R.L. O'Mealy. Robbie Hannan. A collection of hand written tunes and notes which O’Mealy had sent to a customer and which are now in the Ulster Folk Museum.
  • 1.03 A list of makers to circa 1940. Mark Walstrom. Believed to be the most complete list of makers yet produced.
  • 1.04 Rolling metal ferrules and tubes for Uilleann pipes. Geoff Wooff. Geoff shares some expertise in making pipes - the way the old masters made them.
  • 1.05 A brief look at the piping style of Paddy Conneely. Jimmy O'Brien-Moran. A musical study analysing how Conneely actually played.
  • 1.06 From Hotteterre to the Union pipes. Ken McLeod. Some thoughts and proposals on the origins of the Union pipe.
  • 1.07 A piping MP: Joseph Myles McDonnell (1796-1872). Seán Donnelly.  A look at the life of a great eccentric and original owner of the fine Kenna set in the National museum, Dublin.
  • 1.08 A Galway gentleman piper. Seán Donnelly.  Story of a song.
  • 1.09 A South Australian reed and pipe hoard. Craig Fischer. A study of some very old reeds possibly by Coyne and Taylor and measurements of a Maurice Coyne chanter.
  • 1.10 Reconstructing chanter reeds / A John Coyne chanter. John Hughes. As the title implies this is how to repair cracked reeds and the measurement of a John Coyne chanter.
  • 1.11 Runaway pipers. Barry O'Neill.  Articles of interest from early 18th century American newspapers.
  • 1.12 Rhythm & structure in Irish traditional dance music. Part 1. The double jig as played on the Irish pipes. Pat Mitchell.  An in-depth musical study with examples.
  • 1.13 Piping contests at the feis, 1897 - 1935. Barry O'Neill. A list of all the entrants.
  • 1.14 The M. Dunn set at Morpeth. Anne Moore.  Quality photographs of a high quality set of pipes in the Morpeth bagpipe museum.
  • 1.15 Name index.   Every name appearing in the Journal is indexed here with dates and where that name appears.