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New Website

25th Novenber 2004

  • Our new website is now live at

    Letterkenny Farmer's Market

    23rd August 2004

  • There is now a farmers market in Letterkenny every 2 weeks at the Millennium Court in Railwaystreet (Lower Road) and we have a vegetable stand there.
    The next Market is on the 4th of September.


  • Use low phosphate washing powder !!! For every litre of Washingliquid you use, 20,000 litres of water are needed to treat it until it can re-enter our water system safely.
  • Use your bike for all journeys under two miles Catalytic converters that cut down on a caršs carbon monoxide emissions only start working after you have driven for two miles. Yet 25% of car trips are less than two miles and 58% are less than five miles
  • Sustainable Development can be defined as: Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • The high price of cheap food ! There is an indisputable link between disease and excessively intensive factory farming. BSE is the obvious example as well as stronger and stronger strains of salmonella, camphylobactor and E-coli. Salmonella was virtually unknown in the 1040s. Food poisoning has increased 400 % in the last 10 years and is now costing taxpayers thousands and thousands every year. Now we are in the terror of Foot and Mouth Disease spreading to Ireland . It's one disaster after the other - sadly, most of our own making. kindly permission of Darina Allen
  • Human-Earth interaction at the dawn of the new Millennium is totally unsustainable. During the 20th century, the power unleashed by the newly discovered electrical, chemical, biological and nuclear technologies have begun to inflict damage of a biological and geological order of magnitude on the fabric of life of planet earth. Despite the growing evidence of global and national environmental degradation, the leadership of most of the institutions of society - educational, industrial, commercial, religious - are unaware of the magnitude of the environmental crisis and the urgency with which it must be faced. Sean McDonagh, a Columban missionary
  • Since 1945, pesticide use has risen 3,300 %, but overall crop loss has not gone down. In fact, dispite our pounding the U.S. with 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides annually, crop losses have increased by 20% Janine Benyus
  • When only one plant becomes extinct, along with it will disappear the 20 to 40 animal and insect species that rely on it. Kenny Ausubel
  • Of the 7000 or so types of plants that have been used by humans, only 20 species now provide 90 % of the worlds food. Merely 3 of these, -wheat, corn and rice- account for 50 %. Yet from 30,000 to 80,000 plants have some edible parts. Kenny Ausubel
  • Tropical deforestation wipes out 17,000 species of plants and animals per year, that is 48 species made extinct every day or 2 per hour. Worldwatch Institute