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Canadian X-air
French X-air
Sun & Fun
The french crew at sun & fun 1998
Western Australian X-air
First Australian X-air's
French Xair with 912
Trevors Xair
Peter Stuy's Xair
Kens Xair
Xair on floats
Gerry Breens Xair
Xair Jabiru on Floats operated by Gerry Breen in Portugal where you can do a float plane rating


factory spares
One of the Many racks of spares at Randkar


factory kits
Kits stacked up, I wonder which one I will have !


Gerry Breens Xair2
Another Xair on Floats at Gerry Breen's this one 912 powered.


Neville Xair
Neville Baldings xair 582 powered.


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